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      2. Sustainability

        Major Sustainable Management Tasks

        As a corporate member of the global civil society, SK hynix pursues the creation of social values that contributes to society and contributes to the resolution of social/environmental problems, along with economic growth. In particular, through the settlementof environmental protection, management of responsible supply network, social contribution, and corporate culture that guarantees diversity and inclusion, we will fulfill a management of coexistence where the company and society grow together.

        SK hynix has established and taken into action the following ECO Vision in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission, expand recycling of waste, and establish clean campuses.

        1. Reduction of Water Usage Annual water recycling of 20,000,000 tons achieved
          Expansion of water recycling and advancement of waste water processing technology
        2. Expansion of Waste Recycling 95% waste recycling rate achieved
        3. Expansion of Usage of Renewable Energy 100% usage rate of renewable energy in overseas sites
          Promotion of renewable energy production/application in domestic sites
        4. Reduction of Greenhouse gas Emission 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emission
          (compared to BAU* in ’16)
          Support to greenhouse gas reduction projects in developing countries
          (300,000 tCO2) (Myanmar cookstove supply project)
        5. Establishment of Clean Campus Establishment of ‘Zero Disposable Daily Supply’ site

        The Promise of SK hynix

        We, SK hynix, are confident about the fact that the management philosophy behind DBL is very important for innovation and growth. We will pursue balanced growth combining social and economic values within the process of innovation and growth of SK hynix as well as strive to become a company that grows together with society to keep up with such changes.

        Mapping UN SDGs to Our Priorities

        Mapping UN SDGs to Our Priorities
        UN SDGs Key Activities of SK hynix
        3GOOD HEALTH
        • Operate worksite safety management programs
        • Establish a preemptive management system – Cohort
        • Manage air pollutants at levels below legally-required levels
        • Social contribution activities in health care, public health and safety – Happy Plus Nutritious Meal, 100-Year Longevity of Veterans, Happy Bus, Memory Guarding Angel (Happiness GPS)
        • Social contribution activities in education – Do Dream scholarship, Hyinsten
        • Energy TF activities, including replacement into highly efficient facilities
        • Development of low power-consuming, high-performance, eco-friendly products
        • Establishment of the HAPPY-MORE INC.
        • System to guarantee work-life balance
        • 52-hour-a-week labor time management
        • Compliance with the policy of respecting diversity and prohibiting discrimination
        • Programs to support win-win growth
        • Operate a sharing infrastructure portal
        • Social contribution activities to help low-income families create income – Silver Angel for Happiness School Uniform
        • Activities to reduce chemicals
        • TF activities to reduce water consumption and wastewater discharge
        • Recovery of waste
        • Comply with regulations to limit the use of harmful materials for products
        • Set an annual goal to reduce GHG emissions
        • TF activities to reduce GHG emissions
        16PEACE, JUSTICE
        AND STRONG
        • Strengthen independence and diversity of the BOD
        • Comply with code of ethics

        * UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of UN): The greatest common objective of the international society is to solve universal problems afflicting humanity, global environmental problems as well as economic and social problems by the year 2030 by regulating 17 primary targets and 169 detailed targets.

        Sustainable Management Integrated Policy

        SK hynix is progressing sustainable management based on SKMS (SK Management System), the management execution principle of SK Group. Based on this, we strive to not only contribute to economic development and pursue the happiness of all parties involved, suchas customers, shareholders, and local communities, but also to contribute to the happiness of humankind. For this, we enact the SK hynix Sustainable Management Integrated Policy and hereby pledge to comply with it, along with members of SK hynix as well assubsidiaries transacting with us, subcontractors, partners, and J/V members.

        SK hynix Sustainable Management Integrated Policy

        Sustainability Report

        Technology, for a Better World 2019

        Technology, for a Better World

        SK hynix is very pleased to introduce our 12th Sustainability Report, featuring our efforts to seek DBL(Double Bottom Line) through technology in a way that our company, the semiconductor industry and our community get prosperous together.

        DBL, SK hynix's NEW GROWTH STRATEGY 2018


        SK hynix is very pleased to introduce our sustainability management through the 11th Sustainability Report this year. SK hynix will continue to grow into a corporate citizen that progresses together with its stakeholders by balancing economic and social values in the process of innovation and growth.